Shop Amazon and Earn $$$ for De La Salle Viet Ngu Academy.


Every time you make a purchase at, De La Salle Viet Ngu earns $$$$.

You don’t need to do anything special.

Just click on the links below and AMAZON will directly send any $$$ earned to De La Salle Viet Ngu Academy. 1% of proceeds will go to our school for repairs, supplies and events etc..

Please bookmark and use this link every time you shop at Tell your Families and Friends. 

This second link is strictly for non-profit organization and it’s new to Amazon. La Salle Viet Ngu Academy will directly earns 0.05%.  This is money from Amazon’s charity and they give it out quarterly based on the the traffic we bring in and the purchases made.

Cám ơn quý Phụ Huynh.